Christchurch Priory – Tweets by the Tower Captain – @PrioryBells


Persuading a busy tower captain with no prior experience of Twitter to Tweet is a difficult job. I had the advantage of being married to this one. He uses computers a lot at work so was pretty reluctant to Tweet at home (Oh, can’t I leave that to you? Twitter is silly! I’ll forget my password…) but I managed to persuade him, somehow, to at least give it a go.

All his tweets appear immediately at the top of the District Website’s home page, and simultaneously on our band’s home page, so he is keen to tweet snippets of news after good practice nights, to to remind people of plans in advance.  Our page on Dove Online is hotlinked to the tower page so any unexpected visitors and potential recruits are seeing the tweets too.

This is WONDERFUL for me as a webmaster. He (and @FawleyBells, @Sotonbells and @FBridgeBells) keep the front page fresh and interesting while I’m busy doing other things.

Enough of my rambling, your turn to type, please use the Reply box at the bottom of this post.

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