Marcham – Twitter used as the Dove Link for a Tower


All Saint’s Marcham built this excellent Twitter Feed, including a stunning aerial photograph of the church, reasonably quickly with a bit of help from @DovesGuide and @Bellropespider. Prior to this, they had no tower page listed on Dove Online, and they now use their twitter feed for that purpose.

Because there’s a limit to how much you can put on a Twitter front page, they also use a normal web page to give visitors their phone number, email address and further information. This is hotlinked from the Twitter profile so visitors who read their tweets from inside Twitter can visit it. If you visit their web page you will see that they have embedded their Twitter Feed to make sure all the news is current. They sadly have to cancel their  practices occasionally but the ability to tweet the news, and know that potential visitors can see it straight away, is really helpful.

The result is a simple, but comprehensive and absolutely up to date, web presence for a band of bellringers in Oxfordshire.

Enough of my rambling, your turn to type, please use the Reply box at the bottom of this post.

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