National 12-bell competition


The organisers of the National 12-bell striking competition set a HUGELY high standard for publicity about a bellringing event. Their website, live stream online radio feed, and masterful use of Twitter has shown the rest of us in the exercise just how professional we can be too, if we are prepared to roll up our sleeves and LEARN.Leading up to the event, interested people (and it can be any tweeter) followed their news. On the day, there was a live soundtrack running which you could listen to from their website. But the REALLY clever bit (IMHO) was the use of the hashtag #12bell and its integration into the radio show. They were LISTENING and read out all the tweets as they were posted. Glorious moment for @Bellropespider because  (Small fanfare) they read out her tweet. (end of fanfare). That ability to have a conversation over Twitter and radio and a website (and they were busy on Facebook too) is what made it a really exciting day. Oh, and the brilliant bellringing too!!!

I’m struggling to actually embed the whole thing on this page but click here to see the conversation – if you know how to embed this please use the reply box below! The search works a treat but the widget is finding an empty tweet stream.

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