Bellropespider on Facebook

Spider would estimate (today) that there are 2000 bellringers on Facebook. However tomorrow she may revise that estimate, it is a slightly wild guess.

As well as individuals, there are bellringing groups. All of this content is visible only to those who are facebook users, and spider is well aware that many bellringers, for reasons most multitudinous and unshakeable, hate Facebook.

The public, visible sections of Facebook are the pages, and some Bands have set up camp on Facebook pages with most excellent and fascinating results. Truly these are informative, elegant, fascinating and most interactive, as chatter is allowed and very much encouraged on Facebook. So, even if you are the only Facebook user in your band, it is most worth setting up a Page for them so that all the other 1999 bellringers may visit, like, and make comments. Who knows, they may in the real world, visit you and your tower.

And that, after all, is the point of all this keyboard bashing.

Click here to visit spider’s own page.¬†And hoping too that you “like” it, so that you get regular notifications of what other bellringers are up to.

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