Learning to conduct

Spider  has made a rather silly mistake. But spider is confident that all humans are wise enough to learn from a Spider’s mistakes.

Mr. Spider had a wonderful dream of learning to conduct. It may seem very impertinent for a spider to want to learn this, but can you imagine how useful it would be to be able to shout nonchalantly up to your spider “Hey, Spidy, call a short touch of Reverse St. Bartholemew for us can you?”, and for your spider to call in a clear and piping voice all the correct bobs and singles, occasionally waving a languid leg in the direction of a straying ringer and putting them right? Bliss, eh?

Now this humble spider knew that conducting was a possibility on her laptop, and she had indeed once or twice tried it herself, using Abelsim. So she suggested to Mr. Spider (who had previously not used Abel, preferring to pencil out his new methods the old fashioned way) that he try this way of learning.

Mr. Spider is a bit nervous of laptops generally. But he admitted that he would infinitely prefer to make the inevitable 1,000,000 mistakes in the privacy of his own belfry without the inevitable giggles of the ringers, and that since the ringers were likely to make at least 10 mistakes per lead themselves, they would be quick to consign his ambition to the “silly idea” category. Spiders, calling? HUH! (Well you know how species-ist some humans can be).

So this spider lent Mr. Spider her laptop. Initially befuddled and discombobulated (he really DOES prefer pencils and papers to computers) within a mere half an hour the sounds of Grandsire Doubles were heard tripping around the chamber, using oh so many different compositions it was quite amazing.

Well, this spider cannot go more than 35 minutes without logging on so when the withdrawal symptoms became unbearable she made a pile of all her savings (which was exactly £5.99) and downloaded Mobel onto Mr. Spider’s iPad. She tested it. She bobbed. She Singled. She deftly swapped the laptop for the iPad.

Now Mr. Spider is all sad, because after only one hour of conducting on Abelsim he is so used to it that he is not wanting to switch over to the ever so slightly different interface of Mobel.

Spider’s great and grave mistake was to download Abel for herself some weeks ago and not encourage Mr. Spider to download Mobel at one and the same time. She should have foreseen all these trials and tribulations and made sure, from the outset, that both spiders could simultaneously ring different twiddly things.

Now she is saving up most assiduously for two sets of spider-sized earplugs because my goodness there is NOTHING worse than both Abel and Mobel going at the same moment.

Please to click here to download Mobel (iPad and iPhone only)

Please to click here if you want to read about AbelSim or to download it yourself. It is £20

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