Three towers grabbed in one day!!! ##grabber

Hashtag Grabbing is a fine passtime for bellringers at the moment – with only about 7000 towers to grab, and each one can only be grabbed once, it’s important to get ringing, tweeting and grabbing!!! Hashtag grabs are shown on the map below as yellow markers.

##grabbers** for Sunday 27th October 2013:

Listening to some lovely 8 bell #bellringing at St Dionysius this morning. Crisp striking. #Harborough … @dave_rats #bellringing with @welshcolleges at #Llantrisant 10 for 11 service. Listen out!

After morning service #bellringing with @PrioryBells , on to #Bournemouth #Sacredheart for RCC and Grandsire Doubles. 

**the term ##grabber (hashtag grabber) was coined by @Millsy and formally defined by humble spider in this tweet:

@andrew__howell ##grabber (note the double hash) was coined by @millsy17 to mean “s/he who first grabs the hastag for a tower”. 🙂

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