Adding hot links to a Facebook Post

Advertising your practice in a Facebook Group can be a brilliant way to attract new people to come. If they have visited you before then all you need to do is to tell them the time and the place and maybe your planned method(s) for the evening. But what if…

  • Someone hasn’t visited the tower before and don’t know where it is, or
  • You have made a nice web page for the practice on a website somewhere, and want them to click through to see all the wonderfulness.

Like all things computer-related, it is easy to add a hot link after you have done it twenty times…. I’m going to use a real live example, it’s more interesting.

10 bell practice @ Chilcompton tonight 7.30 onwards on 7/11/13 (that’s today)

I just want to give bellringers an idea of the bells and the location, without having to build a web page specially (no time! It’s tonight!) So I’m going to use the Dove Online Search Page.

Click the picture to visit the page

Click the picture to visit the page

I type Chilcompton into the Search Box and press Go:

Search for Chilcompton

And Dove cleverly finds the right tower:
three web links for Chilcompton

At this point I have 3 choices. I can click on the word Chilcompton (which I have given a nice big red splat to, above), or the green word [website] (smaller blue splat) or the green words Map it (Green cloud) . I am very partial to Dove Pages because they are a mine of almost perfectly up-to-date information, and I love maps so I might go for the Map It link now, but the temptation of a website is huge… let’s take a peep….

Chilcompton page on the Bath and Wells Guild Website

Chilcompton page on the Bath and Wells Guild Website

And the decision is made, it’s a lovely page. Spider is looking for:

  • A nice photo (which Facebook will bring into your post with the hot link), because many humans are partial to photos, and especially bellringers seem to like them very much and probably are more likely to be tempted to come to your practice.
  • Links to the Map and the Dove page (so they are also available if the user want to click through)
  • Contact details – some bellringers like to phone before they visit, spider understands.

So it is on THIS page that spider will mouse up to the top of the screen and click on the URL. See how the URL is blue in the picture below? This is because it has been clicked. Making sure mouse is poised over this blue URL, right click the mouse carefully and select Copy. Now mouse and click on the Facebook Tab, click on your post, right click where you want the web address to appear and select Paste. Facebook will most thoughtfully munch the address and should magically include the photo as well as the first few words on the page.

copying the web address

For completeness here is what that might look like. Here is the post, I am just about to paste the link:

just about to paste the link

And just 30 seconds after the link is pasted, here is what Facebook has made the post look like:

the finished postSo now the post looks MOST wonderful and pretty and she is sure that bellringers will rush to the practice. (Spider advises that they are likely to rush in small and manageable numbers. Nervous facebook users and event organisers tend to imagine busloads and trainloads of bellringers from all over the UK descending on their unsuspecting little bells… spider assures them that she has never come across this phenomenon and sensible, creative advertising simply creates a well-attended and fun event…. Truthfully the largest well-advertised tower practice night that Spider ever EVER came across had 29 humans and 2 spiders present. The ringing master worked both his socks off for 90 minutes and the bellringing was most wonderful. The circumstances of this event were unusual….

Spider is most dejected now that it has taken her 719 words to describe a process that will take you, once you have done it three times, only two minutes or less. Humbly apologising but this is because careful instructions tend to be somewhat long of wind….

This is not the last word. Please use the reply option at the top of this post to add your wisdom and experience to that of a small spider who is trying to help a facebook friend or two.

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