How to find bellringers on Twitter

Ten Top Tops for finding other bellringers on Twitter

  1. Tweet about your own bellringing, and include the word #bellringing . This is known as a hashtag and it tells Twitter the subject (or subjects) of your tweet. Twitter has a big index of subjects. Click here to see who is tweeting about #bellringing at the moment. Around Christmas a lot of them are about handbell ringing with the Salvation Army! But other times of the year, you will see that most of them are from change ringers.
  2. Have a look at the people that are following major bell-tweeters like @BellRingingWeb. Look at the list of bellringing tweeps that this spider maintains – these are twitter feeds which are dedicated to (or almost wholly dedicated to) bellringing. If you decide to subscribe to a list then you will see the tweets on your home news feed. You can unsubscribe any time. The neat thing here is, if a spider finds a new tweeter, she will add them to the list and you will automatically see the list.
  3. Follow  the bellringers that you do find – then Twitter will probably catch on, and suggest more people for you to follow. (Psst if you find you are following too many people, it’s easy to unfollow them later!)
  4. Check Spider’s map to see who is tweeting near you. It might be a dedicated tower tweep, or it might be someone who has hashtag grabbed a tower.
  5. Talking of grabbing a tower, you should really get on and grab some before this catches on and they have all gone. If you tweet using the tag #bellringing and also the tag for the village such as #littlenetherby then Spider will map Little Netherby and YOU will be the grabber. Some keen people can grab 2 or 3 towers in one day!
  6. If you want to meet hundreds and hundreds of bellringers all at once and chatter to them online (and goodness they ARE CHATTY!) you cannot do better than to request to join the Facebook group . Advice from a small arachnid, though, is to post a couple of statuses of bells and practice nights first, marking them public, so that the poor administrators can admit you without puzzling and puzzling whether you are a bellringer. Spider is very considerate of the admins of this most enormous group, having done a stint as admin this year herself. Spider is not bonkers to suggest Facebook in the middle of a page about Twitter – she has her own small Facebook Page!
  7. If you are REALLY REALLY KEEN and have 5 minutes spare every week, why not tweet AS your tower? A little weekly tweet about your practice nights or the ups and downs of your Sunday ringing, are a very friendly signal to other bellringers that your tower is Worth A Visit. One tower, Marcham, even uses their Tweets as their OFFICIAL page for Dove .users!!! (Spider is most inordinately proud of that one!). Click here to see all the Tower Tweeters.
  8. eight
  9. nine
  10. and ten

are here for you to use by putting your most excellent bellringer-finder tips into. Spider knows that other people are much more expert than her, and all she really has to do is to start the ball rolling away down the hill.

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