Resources for Council Members as they write for their local newsletters and websites about CCCBR 2014

Please cut and paste at will from this article, and add in your own opinions, and impressions of Council. This is intended as a start point to inspire, not as the definitive statement of what you should say to your Guilds!!!


The excellent organisation and delivery by the Kent County Association and their huge number of members (The Purple People) helping out all weekend, was much appreciated by Council members.

New Faces

About 50 new Council members, approx 25% turnover of membership, which is around usual for the start of a new triennium.Many people commented how good it was to see so many young new members,  some very young indeed. Many of the new members were immediately voted on to committees and have started work with them.

Having said that, it is understandable that some newcomers prefer to watch for a while before joining in.  This is why we now have committee elections every year rather than having to wait another three years before being able to join.

Quote from A New Member:

Not really knowing what to expect, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  The tower grabbing opportunities on the Saturday was well organised with enthusiastic and helpful local ringers.  The new members meeting and Ringing Foundation meeting were also valuable in learning how things worked.  The Central Council meeting on the Monday itself was interesting.  It was a good chance to see in person how the Council operates and how each of the committees works.  It was a good chance to meet old acquaintances and meet some new ones.

Mood for change

There is a mood for change and development, with a strong focus on the ‘Future of Ringing’ Project, which is or should be of interest and importance to all ringers everywhere.  Work that has been led by Chris Mew, who is now Council President.

New President and Vice President

Chris Mew was elected as President for the next 3 years

Christopher O’Mahony (ANZAB) the new Vice-President.

Two new Life Members

Life Membership of Council was conferred on two people who have given tremendous service to the Exercise over very many years – Alan Frost, renowned architect and long-serving member of the Towers & Belfries Committee, and David Kelly, founder and organise of the Keltek Trust.

Could your Guild host a meeting?

Hopefully the decision on future hosts will be less contentious than the World Cup…. The meeting itself would require a venue, and also a program of events, which this year included:

  • Good ringing tours on the Saturday, Rousing Songs of Praise on Sunday.
  • AGMs of the Ringing World Ltd & the Ringing Foundation
  • Great day trip to visit French carillons the day after the meeting.

The Decision on Methods

Among the motions was a controversial technical addition to the Council’s Decisions on methods and peals to make some recent innovative peals compliant with them.  This is the latest of many such additions, which have attracted increasing criticism of what some perceive to be a prescriptive approach inherited from a former age.  Although the motion was passed, the Council decided to undertake a review of the relevant decisions.  While the motion only affected a few high end ringers, the review is important since it offers an opportunity to bring the Decisions more into line with the expectations of modern ringers.  Change will not be easy though.  Watch this space.  (And this Video of ringing which incorporates the new “Non Method Blocks”)

The Outcomes of the Meetings of Council, the Ringing World and the Ringing Foundation

These will be officially reported in Ringing World – if you attended then why not provide your own insights in your article?

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