View from the Web – 27th March 2015

The Bellringers Facebook group may have broken a record this week with a thread started by Malcolm Edwards that ran to 423 comments (and counting) – clearly the balance between ambition duty to Sunday ringing and different opportunities to ring and to learn, are hot topics….

There was a smattering of questions about local ringing plans as people planned to visit practice nights – perhaps a sign that local websites are not always delivering the information that people need in order to plan? But good to see that all such questions are picked up rapidly and answered.

AJB kicked off 2 threads about the future – one about Campanophile and one about Ringing World. A relative newcomer to the group, he is making an energetic contribution to the debate, perhaps not surprisingly given his track record online and in print.

On Mondays there is a #Dorsethour from 7.30 to 8.30 and the Dorchester bellringing tweep decided to tweet from home (no signal in the tower) about the ringing. It worked – a local non-ringer tweeted back about how much she enjoys listening to the bells. Full marks to @DorchesterBells for initiative!

And finally, I stumbled over a new website this week – a Tumblr blog belonging to Chigwell Ringing Centre – and found a very interesting video of AbelSim in action in a tower….



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