Bellropespider on Twitter

bellropespiderWelcome to a small spider’s embedded Twitter Feed. There are many wonderful aspects to Twitter but one of the best of all, if you embed it, anyone can see the tweets irrespective of whether they have a clue about Twitter.

This page is updated in real time, and shows my most recent tweets. If you want to see more of them there is a little scroll bar on the right of the tweety box which will let you see older tweets too. Goodness knows what I am tweeting at the moment (I wrote this page once on October 9th 2013 and as you read, I might have tweeted about anything in the bellringing world….)

Have you ever wished you could update a web page NOW without using a password, writing HTML, emailing your local webmaster or even creating a webpage in the first place? That’s exactly what embedded Twitter Feeds provide for the busy bellringer or Tower Captain. Absolute lifesaver when you cancel a practice and haven’t a clue who might be planning to visit you for the first time.


(If you would like to click through to Twitter to see these tweets, please feel free. You will not need a password)

Twitter provides excellent notes about embedded tweets at

I’ve rambled long enough. It’s your turn to write something now, in the Reply box below.

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