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Combining tweets from all over a District and embedding them in the District Website is a one-off task that will provide the members with a page with all the latest tower news on it, without the webmaster having to type anything more. Any webmaster’s idea of Nirvana…

East Dorset District Launches a Minor Methods Practice – RSVP

Marisa Bartlett writes:

Paul Tyson and I would like to announce that a new Monthly Minor Practice will begin on Wednesday 12th October at Canford Magna church – 7.30pm – 9.00pm.

The idea is to help ringers progress to more complex minor and, eventually, Surprise Minor methods, with the help of experienced ringers to support them – but it all depends on the number of people who turn up – in particular helpers.  The minimum ability is that you can ring touches to Plain Bob Minor.

The first method will be St Clement’s Bob Minor.  If you want to attend this session and learn to ring this method please ensure you’ve looked at the line and have a rough idea about the touches.

I would therefore ask that if you are interested (in either learning or helping) please would you let me know so that we can plan a worthwhile session. I will regularly post the method of the month, so don’t worry if you can’t attend the first session.

Many thanks

Marisa (District Ringing Master)

Facebook Groups for Bellringers – updated July 2016

There are probably over 4000 ringers on Facebook. Difficult to be more precise as they are not neatly lined up in one place asking to be counted. So where are they lined up? Many are friends with each other and use Facebook to plan outings, peals, etc etc. If you only meet up with a ringer a couple of times a year, it can be a real help to keep in touch this way as well. The best place to start is your local Guild or District Facebook group, or the one nearest to you. With any luck you will know some of the members so your application to join should go through with no trouble. Many ringers find this membership is all they need – they can find out what’s on locally, ask if practice nights are happening (if there’s any doubt) or just use it to stay in touch with friends. If you apply for membership of any group please be prepared to wait about 48 hours as the Admins are often busy ringing! If nothing appears to happen then check your messages “other” inbox because the Admin may be trying to confirm who you are!

New ones (July 2016)

New ones (2015)

but here is a selection of Guild and association groups:

These national groups are a start!

Bellringing Facebook Pages

Any query, or to add your group to this list, or remove it if you wish, please use the REPLY BOX BELOW or contact me.

Website Design vs Information Flow Design

There’s plenty of challenge for any bellringing webmaster, as they consider the design (or redesign) of a ringers’ website. Menus, hotlinks, how to best showcase photos and video, creating maps for a Guild, District, Tower or Event. Quite enough there to keep us happily occupied for months on end.

Yesterday I was participating in a Guild Event, so I was miles outside my own turf, website-wise, and this always affords an opportunity to reflect and, most of all, to listen to what other bellringers are saying about their experiences.

Over lunch, someone (I’ll call him Dave) commented that he didn’t know if his tower had a webpage. I was just about to reply when I did a double take and remembered he rings at St. D’s, in my District, and I built the page a couple of months ago. I couldn’t hide behind any excuse that he was a technophobe – he’s my age, a busy working professional, smartphone user and regular ringer at St. D’s. Nor could I imagine that the page is unknown in his tower, as one of his friends co-built it with me and tweets regularly onto it….. I couldn’t wallow in any guilt about lack of publicity either, as only about 6 weeks ago, every tower notice board in the District was decorated with a poster aimed at non-website-users, telling them what it was all about.

So why the lack of awareness?

One of the biggest pitfalls for any webmaster, I am beginning to think, is to believe that “If it’s on the website, then the members have seen it”. Maybe I have been lulled into a false sense of security by the site’s quite healthy usage figures – posts vary but the most successful of them can be read 40 or 50 times. All posts are advertised in our Facebook Group, on Twitter, and by email to the “followers” in various ways. But none of this had reached Dave, why?

The single biggest route for visitors to the site is the Facebook Group. Dave is (like many ringers) not a Facebook user, by choice. I am aware of this and it is why I provide a choice of ways of receiving emails as well. Dave, being unaware of there being any news from his tower, had naturally not signed up. Perhaps the oddest thing is, he is quite friendly with my 2 contacts at St. D’s, both of whom Tweet and use the Facebook group, so perhaps I might have imagined they were doing a bit of a sales job, or mentioned the page that we had co-built.

I was going to go on to look at some possible “solutions” to the “problem” that Dave isn’t (yet) a regular reader of news on the website, but having mulled over the problem by blogging it, I realise that I should be celebrating, not feeling sad.

Dave had driven about 50 miles to spend the day on a (very good) Guild Training day on Stedman Doubles. He described very enthusiastically that he rings not just at St. D’s, but down the road at Squealing too, and hugely appreciates the support and teaching they are giving him. The Squealing band are an impressive bunch of Surprise Ringers whose only sadness is they have currently got no learners, so I’ll bet they are loving helping Dave to progress (he cracked Plain Bob Doubles within very recent memory, so his presence at the the Stedman course is a glowing testimony of the quality of support he is getting both from the band at St. D’s and at Squealing).

Also on the course with us was our District Secretary, who had efficiently passed the posters about the Stedman Training, from the Guild Education committee, on to every single one of 23 towers, all of whom had displayed it. She still prints and posts posters to 4 towers who, usually because the contact doesn’t own a printer, can’t receive them by email.

I need a reality check, I think.

Utopia isn’t a world where every member of the District reads and enjoys every new post on the website.

Utopia is a world where every member of the District believes in, and gets pleasure from, their own ability to ring, is confident to spread their wings either into new methods, new towers, or simply by standing behind another ringer. In this world, although the original knowledge (of a method, a tower or an event) may come from a website or the printed page, the most important factor is the friendships which enable ringers to give each other the right hint, at the right moment.

Someone signed up to receive emails from the website this morning. Since I showed Dave his tower’s page on his phone over lunch, it might well be him. I don’t mind either way, because Dave is already a success story, measure against the real objectives of the website.

How CCCBR could be using Social Networking

Status – draft for discussion. Awaiting a sponsor from within Council to take it further. Replies may be left on this web page.


CCCBR (Central Council for Church Bell Ringers) is probably closer to implementing radical change than at any time in the recent past [1]. Improved use of Social Networks could strengthen and speed this movement, and empower members of Council to work together, and with other ringers, to respond to what is widely agreed to be an impending crisis in the number of ringers and their levels of skills, as well as the number of open churches [2], in the next 10-20 years [3]  Continue reading

Chew Branch Practice Sat. Jan 18th 3.00-4.30 Winford #bellringing

Andy Mead writes on Facebook
FYI From the Chew Branch 
This is a reminder that our first branch practice of the year will be at Winford this coming Saturday, Jan 18th from 3:00 – 4:30.Ringing is for everyone, from learners wanting to experience new bells (they go very well) to people wanting to ring something to stretch their usual repertoire with help if needed (and there will always be “ordinary/comfortable” options as well!) What is rung will depend on what those attending want – branch practices are for all of us, so come along to ring what YOU want to ring.

Please pass on this message to everyone – we hope to see lots at Winford and to have a good afternoon together. Contact Andy Mead using the email form below

Frome Branch Practice at Marston Bigot Friday 20/12/13 7.30pm #bellringing #MarstonBigot

Marston Bigot from Wiki

Andy Mead writes (on Facebook)

Hi All

Decembers Branch practise will be at Marston Bigot on Friday 20th December , starting @ 19.30

For those of you who have not rang there , they are probably one of the best light rings of eight around , so they really are worth a visit .

The practice will be an extension of the learners practice , that I have been running there for quite some time now .

Again this is not a surprise practice , it will be rounds from rounds on 6 & 8 upwards , for those of you that may have any special requests that you would like to ring , please let me know .

There is ample parking , situated at the top of the lane past the church . The Belfry is an upstairs ring , very comfortable and warm .

After the practice , we usually go off to the White Heart in Trudoxhill for refreshments .

Bath & Wells DACR – Tower select

Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers web resource

Christchurch and Southampton District Bellringers’ Tweets


@Candsbellringer is the Twitter Stream from the District Webmaster. That happens to be me, and I advertise, and report on, District Practices, Outings, the ADM, Carol Service, and all the numerous Special Practices (11 events in October 2013 for example). The front page of the District Website carries embedded tweets from me and 4 of the Tower Captains. Continue reading