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Integrating your Tweets with potential visitors who have found your tower online is pretty crucial if you are tweeting about your practice nights. Posts in this category are about Tweet feeds which are visible on first click out of Dove.

Adding hot links to a Facebook Post

Advertising your practice in a Facebook Group can be a brilliant way to attract new people to come. If they have visited you before then all you need to do is to tell them the time and the place and maybe your planned method(s) for the evening. But what if…

  • Someone hasn’t visited the tower before and don’t know where it is, or
  • You have made a nice web page for the practice on a website somewhere, and want them to click through to see all the wonderfulness.

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4 ways to listen on Twitter (#bellringing)

Listening to other Tweeps

There are four ways to listen in Twitter and perhaps Spider was not alone (when she was a new tweeter)  in only understanding the first one of them.

  1. If you follow another tweep, all their tweets appear in your news feed. They pop up in real time in a satisfying sort of a way, and if it is a wet afternoon this can be quite fun.
  2. If someone tweets to you then you will find it in your Connect tab. You will also receive an email but if you have a busy-busy email feed you may miss it… which is a shame because they meant this message just for you in a friendly way. It is easy peasy to do this (although spider confesses she didn’t really understand this until a kind teenager explained it to her) – you just put their Identity (that’s the name that starts with the @ sign) into the message somewhere.
  3. If someone direct messages you then you will get an email. Also the little envelope on how to direct message a followeryour “me” tab will light up. This is a subtle sign and should really be accompanied by noisy trumpet fanfares because it means it is probably REALLY important! (If you want to Direct message someone then it has to be someone who follows YOU. Click on their name, and then the little human symbol underneath (see the picture on the left, which shows Spider just about to message @Dovesguide), and you will get a DM form you can use.
    Messages here are limited to 140 characters too. These do not count as “tweets” and are private between the 2 of you.
  4. 4thly and not leastly, you can listen out for topics of interest which are found by typing into the little grey Search box at the top of the screen. Mostly topics begin with a hashtag (most important of these obviously is #bellringing) which means that the Twitter Engines have been busy building fast and efficient indexed searches of them and your results will be back in a pico-jiffy. You can put plain English (or Welsh or Cornish) words in here but the engines of searching will grumble and wheeze at you and take at LEAST a second to respond. Other fun hastags to look at at the one for your village, town, district etc… It’s worth finding out what #hashtag area you live in cos you can find out what’s going on.

Amanda on Twitter recommends this online (free) course if you want to learn more:

Have you got any advice for aspiring tweeps? Use the reply box below.

How to get started on Twitter (#bellringing)

Creating you Twitter Identity

Honestly, this is easy. Twitter is kind and helpful and only asks easy questions. It will try to recommend you follow a lot of famous and illustrious people but it does not know you are a bellringer so Spider recommends you ignore all that stuff and just follow you choice of bellringing tweeps. See recommendation at the bottom of the page. Continue reading

How to use the Dove Online Postcode Search

Click picture to see the map on Dove

Dove map based on DH3. From the Map It option. This is on the right of the SEARCH screen.

Mr. Spider and I had a quick getaway in Durham a few months ago and we did some careful planning so that we did an interesting practice to go to every evening. This necessitated regular visits to my favourite webpage, the Dove Postcode Search Page: Continue reading

Christchurch and Southampton District Bellringers’ Tweets


@Candsbellringer is the Twitter Stream from the District Webmaster. That happens to be me, and I advertise, and report on, District Practices, Outings, the ADM, Carol Service, and all the numerous Special Practices (11 events in October 2013 for example). The front page of the District Website carries embedded tweets from me and 4 of the Tower Captains. Continue reading

Marcham – Twitter used as the Dove Link for a Tower


All Saint’s Marcham built this excellent Twitter Feed, including a stunning aerial photograph of the church, reasonably quickly with a bit of help from @DovesGuide and @Bellropespider. Prior to this, they had no tower page listed on Dove Online, and they now use their twitter feed for that purpose.
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Christchurch Priory – Tweets by the Tower Captain – @PrioryBells


Persuading a busy tower captain with no prior experience of Twitter to Tweet is a difficult job. I had the advantage of being married to this one. He uses computers a lot at work so was pretty reluctant to Tweet at home (Oh, can’t I leave that to you? Twitter is silly! I’ll forget my password…) but I managed to persuade him, somehow, to at least give it a go. Continue reading