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FirstPeal2015 is a CCCBR project to get 300 first peelers in 2015.

FirstPeal2015 Mugs

In the past week I have broken 2 mugs. As if I needed any excuse to order a FirstPeal2015 mug! It’s easy. Cost is £5 each plus postage….

  1. FirstPeal2015 MugVisit
  2. Choose the “front and back separate picture” option.
  3. Download first peal logo from this site onto your computer, then upload it onto the front of the mug.
  4. You can put the details of your peal on the back of the mug at no extra cost. Get the Peal up on screen (Bellboard) and create a screen shot of the details. If you want it on a white background, do a ctrl-p to print it then save as a pdf.

How to order to FirstPeal2015 T-shirt

  1. There are a variety of t shirts, hoodies etc, as well as mouse mats and key rings etc. 
  2. Yfirstpeal2015 t shirtou will need to click here to see and then download the image to your hard drive – this is the logo for the T-shirt. If it is not high enough resultion for your T shirt please email me and I will email over a larger one for you. Sadly wordpress won’t host high resolution pix….
  3. Click here to visit the Vistaprint website
  4. When you arrive, select the type of T-shirt you want (men’s women’s kids)
  5. Click on the type that you want
  6. Select the one that says “Upload a complete design”
  7. Where it says “Upload image”, click “choose file” and upload the one you just took from this website.
  8. You can have a photo on the back as well if you like – it costs £2.99 extra.
  9. You will need to register as a customer of the site
  10. And place your order…..