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How to get started on Twitter (#bellringing)

Creating you Twitter Identity

Honestly, this is easy. Twitter is kind and helpful and only asks easy questions. It will try to recommend you follow a lot of famous and illustrious people but it does not know you are a bellringer so Spider recommends you ignore all that stuff and just follow you choice of bellringing tweeps. See recommendation at the bottom of the page. Continue reading

The #bellringing Hashtag (on Twitter and WordPress)

Introduction to #hashtags

Some tweeters use them a lot, others don’t, but the #bellringing hastag definitely helps other bellringers to find your tweets and, used in connection with a place tag, will help non-ringers find your tweets too. But first, some thoughts about the “cons” of using hashtags… Continue reading

How to use the Dove Online Postcode Search

Click picture to see the map on Dove

Dove map based on DH3. From theĀ Map It option. This is on the right of the SEARCH screen.

Mr. Spider and I had a quick getaway in Durham a few months ago and we did some careful planning so that we did an interesting practice to go to every evening. This necessitated regular visits to my favourite webpage, the Dove Postcode Search Page: Continue reading