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Merging RSS feeds (especially in WordPress)

If you run a WordPress site which makes heavy use of RSS feeds (rhey make a great widget) then you may sometimes want to merge 2 feeds.

The tool you want is

Open that link up, paste several rss feeds in, and copy the resulting merged feed name that you are given.  That can be used in a widget….

The following merged feeds have been created:
News and headlines from the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild website plus the C&S District feed: – added to database. – added to database. – added to database.

These were combined and became:

But that still isn’t quite complete – the Southampton City Ringers have their own blog so the full picture would be the above plus theirs….


And that results in which is the full news picture for a member of C&S District.



New Alresford bellringing news from website PLUS from bellboard