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How to use the Dove Online Postcode Search

Click picture to see the map on Dove

Dove map based on DH3. From theĀ Map It option. This is on the right of the SEARCH screen.

Mr. Spider and I had a quick getaway in Durham a few months ago and we did some careful planning so that we did an interesting practice to go to every evening. This necessitated regular visits to my favourite webpage, the Dove Postcode Search Page: Continue reading

Christchurch and Southampton District Bellringers’ Tweets


@Candsbellringer is the Twitter Stream from the District Webmaster. That happens to be me, and I advertise, and report on, District Practices, Outings, the ADM, Carol Service, and all the numerous Special Practices (11 events in October 2013 for example). The front page of the District Website carries embedded tweets from me and 4 of the Tower Captains. Continue reading

Christchurch Priory – Tweets by the Tower Captain – @PrioryBells


Persuading a busy tower captain with no prior experience of Twitter to Tweet is a difficult job. I had the advantage of being married to this one. He uses computers a lot at work so was pretty reluctant to Tweet at home (Oh, can’t I leave that to you? Twitter is silly! I’ll forget my password…) but I managed to persuade him, somehow, to at least give it a go. Continue reading