Using Twitter to Publicise Bellringing

twitter iconWhy Use Twitter?

Twitter is a Social Network used by millions of people worldwide. It is a way of sharing small pieces of news, photos and videos, without needing all the skills to build a website.
Tweets can be sent from your mobile from the tower, as you ring….
Tweets are (usually) completely public and can be picked up by people looking for news on specific topics, about specific places, and by people who have decided to follow your tweets.
Twitter is a good platform to connect with your local newsmakers. They may be able to help you publicise your events and training courses.

Getting Started

  • Get some ideas from what’s being twtted about bellringing at the moment by visiting this page
    getting started
  • Decide on your unique Twitter Identity, up to 14 letters.
  • Create a small square picture which people will see alongside all your tweets.
  • Create a larger rectangular image which gives a good impression of your Band/District/Guild.
  • Set aside about 30-60 minutes to get your head round setting up your new Twitter account.
  • Instructions – click to see them 
  • Got stuck? Ask a nearby teenager or use the reply box below to ask for some help!

Connecting with Ringers

Use the hashtag #bellringing in all your tweets!

Twitter uses hashtags to enable people to share news on particular topics. Using this tag will alert ringers to your news.

Follow some bellringers…

…and read and respond to their news. Then they are more likely to read, and respond to, your news. To tweet to a person, include their ID (including the @ symbol) in a tweet.

Tweet NEW news and photos

Aim to tweet once a week or so. Photos (of people, towers, important occasions….) will make your tweets more eye-catching.

** Embed your tweets in your website **

This will keep the site fresh, and is the easiest way to share news onto your site FAST, including any photos you post.

It is also the best way of getting your tweets noticed by potential recruits – they may not be on Twitter, but they will almost certainly check out your tower website before they ring you up.

For more about this, please click here

Connecting Further (i.e. Public Relations!!)

Once you are confident using Twitter, you will probably be keen to connect with your church, local newsmakers,  and people who listen to your bells.

Visit your church’s website…

… to see if they already tweet. If they don’t, you could offer to be the church’s volunteer Tweep. That’s a good way to build connections with the congregation! If they already tweet, follow them and use their ID in your tweets. They will probably retweet them! Don’t forget to retweet them from time to time!

Use the hashtag your local Tweeps use

A little bit of research should tell you what that is! If you use it, then your local residents are much more likely to notice your tweets. If you respond to their tagged tweets then you are helping to build bridges… a very worthwhile effort!

** Embed your tweets in your website (again!) **

This is a great way of getting your tweets noticed by potential recruits – they may not be on Twitter, but they will almost certainly check out your tower website before they ring you up.

For more about this, please click here

Follow your local newsmakers…

Could be newspapers, a village or council website. engage them in dialogue! Ask for their help! Ask them to Retweet your training courses to their followers!

Put your Twitter ID on all your posters..

.. and any leaflets or letters you produce.

Well Worth Following:

@bellringingweb Collecting together useful bellringing content from around the web.

@bellropespider Helps new bellringing tweeps (people who tweet) to get started.

@ccringing Central Council Public Relations Committee (who created this page and the downloadable pdf version Twitter for bellringers)

@bellropespider’s lists Subscribing to a LIST is a quick, easy way to follow a lot of ringers at once,.

Check to make sure you are on the correct lists – contact the spider if not!!

See your tower here!!!!

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